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The end of SGVE Server #3

Hi all,

as we announced earlier on Facebook, SGVE Server #3 with Environments is offline now and propably never will be online again.

Addon “Environments” was fine when Spacebuild 3 was still avaliable only for Garry’s Mod 12 and there wasn’t anything better instead of it. When they ported SB3 for GM13 this changed and more unstable, not so popular Environments was abadonned…. and SGVE #3 became useless.

But don’t worry. We are announcing maybe one of the biggest projects since SGVE beginning. We hope this replacement of server #3 will be much more popular instead of this. Stay tuned, beta version of our new server is comming in near future ! πŸ™‚

ViktorK & eber

SGVE Server #1 was stopped and deleted by our provider


Hi all,

you all asked us why server #1 is stopped now. We haven’t gave any informations out till now when it seems to be solved a bit…

Our now ex-provider, decided to remove all our sale prices and so on. We were their customers for more than 2 years. It was nice time, but now its time to go. We won’t pay them for 22 slots more money than our current donation monthly income. You should know your donations aren’t so big run 3 servers.

So we decided to move our server to our backup hoster. Unluckily when hoster finded out that we are going to move, then unallowed access into SGVE Server #1 content (thank god for my backups), so it would be a while till I make everything working again.

We are really sorry and we hope you stay it us !

ViktorK & eber

founders of SGVE Servers

POLL ! What should be done with SGVE Server #3?

Dear SGVE Server players,

the end of January is here and next month our SGVE Server #1 will be back on its normal 12 slots.

However, there is problem with popularity of SGVE Server #3. I know it would be better if Environments addon isn’t so buggy, but unfortunately it’s developers doesn’t take enough care to fix everything.

Thats why I’ve decided to make a poll. You decide if we should stay at Environments or move to Spacebuild 3 on SGVE Server #3. Just note that there will be two 12 slots almost same SGVE servers then.

All your ideas will be welcomed at

Vote here:

Thanks for your time.


SGVE Server #1 should again work

Hello all, SGVE #1 is restored from our backups, so you can now join and start playing. πŸ™‚

Some problems could show up, so feel free to report it to

Also server has now 22 slots this month as compensation for deleting our server. Don’t forget to enjoy bigger capacity till end of month. :-)Β¨


SGVE Server #1

SGVE Server #2

SGVE Server #3

SGVE Server #1 is down because of problems on the provider side


our provider deleted by mistake all data from SGVE Server #1 and he haven’t got backups. We have to upload all things back to their servers and restore SGVE #1. This work will take several days. During the repairs of SGVE #1, please join and play on our other servers SGVE Server #2 or SGVE Server #3.

We increased number of slots on SGVE Server #3 to 15 players. SGVE Server #3 is similar to SGVE Server #1 (instead of Spacebuild 3, there is Enviroments, all things from adv. duplicator etc. are synchronized)

SGVE Server #2 IP: (12 slots)

SGVE Server #3 IP: (15 slots)

Thanks for your understanding!

Stay with us!

[SGVE-TA] eber & [SGVE-TA] ViktorK

SGVE Server #2 is back !

Hi, after few months of having SGVE Server #2 offline we’ve finally brought it back !

Our servers are just now avaliable on ips:

SGVE Server #1 –

SGVE Server #2 –

For playing on SGVE Servers we recommend using our workshop collection listed below, where you can get all needed addons for playing without downloading it manually.

Thanks for your support ! πŸ™‚