Hey all!

We’ve been working hard on bringing you some new improvements to server!

List of news/changes:

• All STARGATE weapons are now stronger! They are as much destructive as similar weapons from Ship Core addon.
• Some CAP weapons were fixed because they weren’t damaging ship cores.
• SAM (server bot) now warns you if you have your ship without ship core outside spawn area, that means all bases and ships has to have ship core outside spawn or they will be removed by SAM after some time.
• SAM also warns you if you exceed ship weapon count, now you can use maximum of 6 weapons together per player. This will make space combat more balanced.
• Added anti prop spam solution which should help against griefing.
• You can now start ban/kick vote even with well known !voteban, !votekick commands. Also I managed to fix very bad bug in voting system.

Please if you find some bugs connected to updates above, please send us email to! It’s still beta so some bugs could occur.

I hope you will enjoy it.
Thank you! 🙂

ViktorK from SGVE

NEW Ship Core Finder on SGVE Server #1

Hi all,
I’ve added to server new handy SENT which will help you target enemies’ ships and stargate vehicles (jumper, etc…)

You can find it in QMenu – Entities – SGVE Entities – [SGVE] ShipCore Finder.

To use it just wire Player Entity (from your E2 or Target Finder) to input and it will automatically output Player’s Ship Core entity or Stargate Vehicle entity (jumper, glider..) which you can then use for your weapons as target.

Good thing is when player has ship and it’s on spawn it won’t target it so you won’t attack earth by mistake.

If you have any questions or suggestions let me know! 🙂


BIG UPDATE! New webpages and more!

Dear players,
we announcing new version of SGVE web pages ( ) which should provide you clear interface and more simple look. Also we updated RULES for server to make them more understandable, don’t forget to check them.

We are also introducing WEB CHAT where you can chat with players currently on all of our server, you just need to log in via Steam and start chatting. It’s still beta so be patient. 🙂

Also you can check all our ranked players on new web including donors (wraiths) and jaffas. We will also clean up jaffa players a bit so if you are not longer interrested on SGVE or you want to keep your jaffa rank but don’t play currently, let us know!

We will add more features such ban list etc.. to the web soon but till that time you can view current bans on or by typing !bans in servers’ chat. There are also new commands !rules and !donate which will open proper webpage with information you need.

And last of all, current old SGVE #1 will be turned off by ending this week and it will be replaced with new SGVE #1 which you can find on IP: All your ranks and stuff should be there.

BTW. SGVE #2 shoud start working again in following weeks, SGVE #3 will be on preparation soon.

Enjoy! 🙂

ViktorK and eber from SGVE

SGVE Server #1 is down due to technical issues

Dear players,
I am really sorry for having server offline for few days but we’ve ran into serious technical issues, hopefully server will be fully functional in following days and don’t worry everything should remain same.

Reason why you weren’t informed sooner was that I wasn’t on PC during weekend and eber is very unreliable, he didn’t send here this announcement even I’ve asked him. WHAT A SHAME EBER!

So stay tuned, everything should be back to normal soon!

SGVE Server’s 5th anniversary !

Hey guys !

In this day 5 years ago, 19th April 2011 we started our first SGVE Server. It happened a lot during these days, but we are still here and quite popular.

Some of you are still playing from 5 years which is amazing. I hope that you will stay with us for at least another 5 years and help us making good Stargate GMOD community.

If you want to see how server looked like at beginning of SGVE Server, you can still check the first video from SGVE Server:

Expect some news soon, we are planning giveaway as thank for your activity and also we will announce some new features very very soon. 🙂

If you want to read something about SGVE’s history, you can read it here:

(it’s a bit outdated but hopefully we will fix that when new webpage is ready)

Thank you very much ! 🙂

Regards. ViktorK and eber