Hey all!

We’ve been working hard on bringing you some new improvements to server!

List of news/changes:

• All STARGATE weapons are now stronger! They are as much destructive as similar weapons from Ship Core addon.
• Some CAP weapons were fixed because they weren’t damaging ship cores.
• SAM (server bot) now warns you if you have your ship without ship core outside spawn area, that means all bases and ships has to have ship core outside spawn or they will be removed by SAM after some time.
• SAM also warns you if you exceed ship weapon count, now you can use maximum of 6 weapons together per player. This will make space combat more balanced.
• Added anti prop spam solution which should help against griefing.
• You can now start ban/kick vote even with well known !voteban, !votekick commands. Also I managed to fix very bad bug in voting system.

Please if you find some bugs connected to updates above, please send us email to! It’s still beta so some bugs could occur.

I hope you will enjoy it.
Thank you! 🙂

ViktorK from SGVE

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