• Using mods, texture packs or any other tools and utilities providing an advantage over other players is forbidden.
  • Exploiting or intentional searching for bugs is forbidden. As soon as you find a bug, contact the administrator.
  • Demolishing and burglary is forbidden. This rule also includes property on players’ lots.
    HOWEVER, this excludes buildings etc. which are far from the owner’s house and are not properly marked.
  • Any hostile activity near the spawn location is forbidden.
  • Any offensive language, spam, verbal harassment, unjustified complaints etc. are banned. Racism, sexual harassment, explicit vulgarity and xenophobic remarks are banned very strictly.
  • Use chat for important messages only! Spammers may be punished.
  • Any – yes, any advertising will be answered with proper punishment.
  • Putting on other player’s identity is forbidden. Players also may not act as admins unless they have been given permission by the owner.
  • Be respectful to everyone else. To higher-ranked players in particular.
  • Report any offensive behavior to the admins. This also includes players with a higher rank.
  • Detailed rules may be found on under “Minecraft”.

Ranking system
There are several groups of players on this server. They are differentiated by colours.

Owner – ViktorK a eber, the founders
Admin – players in charge of controlling the server
Respected – players which significantly contributed to the server’s history (for example, by playing for a long time)
VIP – donators
Everyone – all unranked players