Basic rules for SGVE Minecraft Server

A) Basic rules for players

  1. Using mods, texture packs or any other tools and utilities providing an advantage over other players is forbidden.
  2. Exploiting or intentional searching for bugs is forbidden. As soon as you find a bug, contact the administrator on email
  3. Putting on other player’s identity is forbidden. Players also may not act as admins unless they have been given permission by the owner.
  4. Any activity (except to movement of the player and defence againts mobs) near the spawn location (1500 x 1500 blocks) is forbidden.
  5. Any offensive language, spam, verbal harassment, unjustified complaints etc. are banned. Racism, sexual harassment, explicit vulgarity and xenophobic remarks are banned very strictly.
  6. Be respectful to everyone else. To higher-ranked players in particular.
  7. Demolishing and burglary is forbidden. This rule also includes property on players‘ lots.
  8. Use chat (in game and also on dynmap) for important messages only! Spammers will be punished.
  9. Any advertising on the server is prohibited.
  10. Report any offensive behavior or breaking the rules to the admins. This also includes players with a higher rank. If there is no admin or admin breaks the rule itself, please contact us on email
  11. By playing on our server, the player agrees with detailed rules! Detailed rules may be found on under „Minecraft – Detailed rules“.

B) Basic rules for admins

  1. The same rules apply to admins as to regular player (besides exceptions in detailed rules).
  2. Misuse of powers is prohibited.
  3. Violation of the rules can lead to the rank removal (without compensation) and another punishment.
  4. By playing on our server, the admin agrees with detailed rules! Detailed rules may be found on under „Minecraft – Detailed rules“.

C) Ranking system

There are several groups of players on this server. They are differentiated by colours.

  • Owner – ViktorK and eber (Mr_Eber), the founders
  • Admin – players in charge of controlling the server
  • Everyone – all unranked players