Player rules (Tau’ri)

  1. Combat on the spawn planet is prohibited:
    • Destroying creations on spawn which has any of its parts outside spawn is not allowed.
    • No assaulting spawn planet from space, and vice versa.
    • Using / testing weapons on spawn is prohibited.
    • Using Weapons that are not on spawn while you yourself are on spawn is prohibited.
  2. No ‘BIG‘ area of effect weapons. (nukes, etc …)
  3. Prohibition of restraining other players, such as caging, blocking or unsolicited teleportation.
  4. Outside spawn area:
    • Every creation has to have ship core (qmenu-tools-ship cores-…).
    • Teleporting weapons (and bombs) into enemy’s ships/bases/creations is prohibited.
    • Do not use additional shields on your creation, only entity you can use is shield core.
    • No on purpose prop collisions (no hitting other ships/props, no creations without parrent – Omni constaint).
  5. Don’t use E2 chips which directly kill players or make direct damage to anything.
  6. No cloaking (including any kind of invisibility).
  7. No offences including:
    • vulgarism
    • blaming others without evidence
    • racist insults
    • sexual topics
    • ageism, etc…
  8. Players has to respect and obey players with higher rank (wraith, jaffa, owners).
  9. Creating anything that affects server’s performance in a bad manner is prohibited.
  10. If you suspect a violation of rules, contact a higher ranked player or email (information below).
  11. Any kind of cheating or using exploits in the game is prohibited.

Wraith rules

These players have earned their rank by supporting server with donation, the duration of the rank is limited.

  1. For these players the rules 1-11 apply as well.
  2. Misuse of powers is prohibited.
  3. No unjustified banning / kicking.
  4. Violation of the rules can lead to the rank removal.

Jaffa rules

These players have earned their rank based on long-term collaboration, their influence to the server, and respecting rules. They were chosen by server owners.

  1. For these players the rules 1-15 apply as well.
  2. Play on the server as often as possible, be beneficial to the server and respect the rules (loyalty is appreciated).

If you suspect a violation of rules or find a bug, please contact a higher ranked player or owner at: Please include screenshots, description of the problem, and the steamID of the player in your message.