SGVE Server #1 was stopped and deleted by our provider


Hi all,

you all asked us why server #1 is stopped now. We haven’t gave any informations out till now when it seems to be solved a bit…

Our now ex-provider, decided to remove all our sale prices and so on. We were their customers for more than 2 years. It was nice time, but now its time to go. We won’t pay them for 22 slots more money than our current donation monthly income. You should know your donations aren’t so big run 3 servers.

So we decided to move our server to our backup hoster. Unluckily when hoster finded out that we are going to move, then unallowed access into SGVE Server #1 content (thank god for my backups), so it would be a while till I make everything working again.

We are really sorry and we hope you stay it us !

ViktorK & eber

founders of SGVE Servers

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