SGVE Server #1 is down because of problems on the provider side


our provider deleted by mistake all data from SGVE Server #1 and he haven’t got backups. We have to upload all things back to their servers and restore SGVE #1. This work will take several days. During the repairs of SGVE #1, please join and play on our other servers SGVE Server #2 or SGVE Server #3.

We increased number of slots on SGVE Server #3 to 15 players. SGVE Server #3 is similar to SGVE Server #1 (instead of Spacebuild 3, there is Enviroments, all things from adv. duplicator etc. are synchronized)

SGVE Server #2 IP: (12 slots)

SGVE Server #3 IP: (15 slots)

Thanks for your understanding!

Stay with us!

[SGVE-TA] eber & [SGVE-TA] ViktorK

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