BIG UPDATE! New webpages and more!

By [SGVE] ViktorK |CZ| Dear players,
we announcing new version of SGVE web pages ( ) which should provide you clear interface and more simple look. Also we updated RULES for server to make them more understandable, don’t forget to check them.

We are also introducing WEB CHAT where you can chat with players currently on all of our server, you just need to log in via Steam and start chatting. It’s still beta so be patient. ๐Ÿ™‚

Also you can check all our ranked players on new web including donors (wraiths) and jaffas. We will also clean up jaffa players a bit so if you are not longer interrested on SGVE or you want to keep your jaffa rank but don’t play currently, let us know!

We will add more features such ban list etc.. to the web soon but till that time you can view current bans on or by typing !bans in servers’ chat. There are also new commands !rules and !donate which will open proper webpage with information you need.

And last of all, current old SGVE #1 will be turned off by ending this week and it will be replaced with new SGVE #1 which you can find on IP: All your ranks and stuff should be there.

BTW. SGVE #2 shoud start working again in following weeks, SGVE #3 will be on preparation soon.

Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

ViktorK and eber from SGVE

From:: SGVE Server News

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