Download FTB

How to access our FTB server and install all necercarily mods

Make sure you have got at least 2GB of RAM and 64bit version of Java which is recommended for this
  • If you have original paid Minecraft account:

    visit and download FEED THE BEAST launcher and then follow manual on their web or look into screenshots bellow.

// Direwolf20‘s build which is written in server name (now Direwolf20 1.6.4 v1.0.18)

and follow screenshot guide bellow:

  • make sure you have got 64bit java (and set in options of launcher more than 1GB of RAM to MC) and you set install dir into some folder (because files would install right in directory you set – look on the screens bellow). (also make sure you downloaded correct FTB version – current is written in server name).
    Screenshots manual:
  1. select folder where you want to install FTB files (make sure you select empty folder!)1
  2.  click on “options” tab, check instalation folder, select your prefered language and add about 2GB in “RAM Maximum (MB)” field (note: game could be unstable with less RAM)
  3. in “MODPACKS” tab click on create profile, select your ingame username and as password write anything you want (warez minecraft client only), sometimes your profile can disapper, so don’t forget your Minecraft ingame name
  4. in “MODPACKS” tab select Direwolf20 modpack, then click on listbox on the right, and select version of modpack which is used now by server (it’s written in server name of  our FTB server – currently select 1.0.19)


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